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Hypothermic total liquid ventilation
for improving survival after cardiac arrest

Ultra-rapid whole body cooling after cardiac arrest

In industrialized countries, cardiac arrest is a major public health issue with more than 550 000 cases each year in the USA and Europe.
Even after successful resuscitation, most of the patients develop severe neurological dysfunction and death, wich leads to very low survival rates of less than 7%.

Therapeutic hypothermia to 33°C has been proposed to provide brain and heart protection after resuscitation but no current available strategies of cooling are able to reach such target temperature within the therapeutic window of 120 minutes following resuscitation.

Orixha has developped an innovative device for cooling patients within few minutes and thus improve their prognosis by using a dedicated liquid ventilator able to perform safe and efficient total liquid ventilation.

This method consists in filling the lungs with liquid perfluorocarbons and due to the high gases solubility and the large pulmonary sufaces can use the lungs as heat exchanger.

A breakthrough technology

After more than 15 years of academic research, Orixha was founded for supporting the translation of liquid ventilator devices from laboratories to hospitals.

Our liquid ventilator includes powerful algorithms to ensure a very precise control of the volumes and the pressure within airways for maximum safety of the liquid ventilation.

Our last generation of liquid ventilator is able to ventilate and reach whole-body temperature within 20 minutes with a precision of 0.1°C.
At the end of the procedure, it automatically drains the liquid from the lungs and allow full recovery.

Orixha relies on very strong proof-of-concept developed over the years by laboratories from the University of Sherbrooke (Canada) and the French Institute for Health and Medical research (France). This academic work led to the development of 7 fully functional prototypes, 4 international patents and more than 40 articles in international scientific reviews.

Experimental evidences show that application of total liquid ventilation after cardiac arrest can improve survival benefit up to 60%.

The Team

Fabrice Paublant

CEO, co-founder

Fabrice Paublant holds a B.A. from ESSEC School of Economics, Paris and an M.B.A. from MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, USA. He is an active Business Angel in healthcare technology and expert on the topics of Go-to-Market Strategy and Value Creation in the Life Sciences field. Mr Paublant was Director Eastern Europe for IPSEN Group, a leading French pharmaceutical company. He set up commercial, promotional and marketing structures and launched several ethical and O.T.C. products on those markets. Mr Paublant was a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Boston. In his 3 years in BCG’s Life Sciences and Information Technology practices, he worked with leading pharmaceutical, biotech and software companies on strategic and operational issues. In 2004, Mr Paublant co-founded Laboratoires Narval S.A. Narval specializes in innovative medical devices for respiratory and sleep disorders. In 2009, Narval was sold to the world leader in the field of sleep disorders - ResMed. Mr Paublant is also co-founder and CEO of the biotechnology company Cellipse, developing first in class kinase inhibitors based on a Cell-to-Drug discovery approach.

Hervé Walti

MD, MSc, co-founder

Hervé Walti is a Chief Medical Officer in Orixha.

Alain Berdeaux

PharmD, MD, PhD, co-founder

After his degrees in pharmacy (1971) and PhD (1978), Alain Berdeaux became medical doctor (1985) and then Prof of experimental and clinical pharmacology (1987) at the University Paris Est Créteil. There, he was successively director of a basic medical research unit (Inserm U 955) during 14 years and director of the doctoral PhD school. He's presently Prof. emerit in the same University, member of the french National Academia of Pharmacy and member of the American Heart Association. During all his career, Alain Berdeaux has been involved in physiology and pharmacolgy of cardiovascular diseases and published more than 230 peer-reviewed original articles. A large part of his fundamental and clinical research was oriented towards coronary vascular diseases and cardiac failure. During almost two decades, he worked on the physiopathological basis for protection afforded by total liquid ventilation for the treatment of cardiac arrest.

Renaud Tissier

DVM, PhD, co-founder

Renaud Tissier is Full Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology vice-dean for research at the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort (EnvA France). He received his Ph.D. in pharmacology at “Université Paris Sud” in 2003, with an emphasis in cardiovascular in vivo pharmacology. He received numerous grants, published more than 90 peer-reviewed articles and participated to more than 100 presentations in regional, national and international meetings. He is involved in a research unit including the EnvA, Inserm and the College of Medicine of Creteil.
He is specialized in translational research in pharmacology and physiology. He is leading a research group investigating the effect of ultra-fast hypothermia and liquid ventilation in critical situations such as shock, cardiac arrest and severe ischemic injuries.

Philippe Micheau

Eng., PhD, co-founder

For the past 18 years, Philippe Micheau led the engineering aspects of an academic research group in liquid ventilation at Université de Sherbrooke (Canada). The main goal of this aspect is to develop technologies which radically change the respiratory support by replacing medical air with a perfluorocarbon breathable liquid.

Mathieu Nadeau

Eng., PhD, co-founder

Mathieu Nadeau has graduated from a mechanical engineering degree with a minor in bioengineering at Sherbrooke University (Canada). He has worked on developing liquid ventilators for the last 9 years. During his master thesis, he has developed the first liquid ventilator that can induce safely, automatically and ultra-rapidly hypothermia for small patients. During his PhD, he has developed and validated in-vivo the adult version. Besides of designing technologies and algorithms, he has worked on the implementation of medical device quality management systems.
He is now a project manager at Arjo's with a focus on usability engineering and front end innovations. In Orixha, Mathieu Nadeau is acting as a Regulatory Affairs Advisor.

Matthias Kohlhauer

DVM, PhD, co-founder

After graduating from veterinary school, Matthias Kohlhauer worked on the different applications of total liquid ventilation in the setting of cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction during his PhD at Paris-Est Créteil University. He then investigated a fellowship at the University of Cambridge in UK to study the consequences of ischemia and reperfusion on mitochondrial metabolism, in the lab of Thomas Krieg. He is now associate professor in clinical pharmacology at the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire d'Alfort (EnvA) and his research is mainly focused on the metabolic pathways involved in the pathophysiology of cardiac arrest.

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