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Total Liquid Ventilation for improving post-cardiac arrest survival

Our goal: Improving survival after cardiac arrest

"Today, the survival rate after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is around 10%. Orixha is developping new technological devices for ultra-rapid cooling in order to dramatically improve prognosis and reduce neurological injuries in successfully resuscitated patients."

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Survival Chain

Management of cardiac arrest is based on a very simple survival chain. It starts with the bystanders who are activating the emergency response system and starting cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the field, with cardiac massage and defibrillation attempts. Then emergency services arrive and performe the advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation before bringing the patient to hospitals and Intensive Care Units. Unfortunately, two third of successfully resuscitated patients finally died within hours or days following resuscitation from Post-Cardiac arrest syndrome.

The goal of our technology is to improve succes rate at the very last link of this chain : advanced management of post-cardiac arrest syndrome in the ICU. The objective is to decrease mortality rate and neurological sequellae thanks to ultra-rapid cooling of the complete body within minutes.

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Orixha is then seeking for increasing success rate of the survival chain along with intensivists and paramedics.

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Hypothermia induced by Total Liquid Ventilation

Orixha is developping the medical device LV4C (Liquid Ventilation for Cooling). It is based on a proprietary technology which allow to use the lungs of the patient as a highly efficient heat-exchanger. This device allows an ultra-rapide induction of hypothermia within 30 min (in order to reach 33°C of body temperature) whereas conventionnal methods takes more than 4 h to reach the same target temperature. This induces a very potent protection of critical organs (heart and brain) within few minutes.

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Form academics to Orixha

Orixha is a start-up created in 2018 by 7 skilled co-founders from various fields.

Orixha is relying on more than 20 years of academic research in total liquid ventilation and therapeutic hypothermia conducted at Sherbrooke University in Québec, and at Veterinary School of Alfort in France.

Co-founders are sharing the same philosophy : to developp an industrial company recognized around the world for its innovative solutions, able to help emergency physicians and intensivists to save lives.

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