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Total Liquid Ventilation
for Critical Care Patients

Our technology

Lung Conservative Liquid Ventilation

Orixha develops a breakthrough proprietary Total Liquid Ventilation technology to improve clinical outcomes for patients in Critical Care and Intensive Care.

Orixha’s medical solutions, based on our proprietary LuncoLive - Lung Conservative Liquid Ventilation – technology platform, hold the promise to answer major unmet medical needs for Critical Care healthcare professionals such as Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome and Respiratory Distress.

About us


Orixha was founded in 2018 by researchers and clinicians committed to one goal: bring the clinical benefits of liquid ventilation to patients in Critical Care.

The multi-disciplinary and transatlantic Orixha team, that combines expertise in engineering, pathophysiology and pharmacology, overcame several technological challenges to develop its first generation of liquid ventilators. They demonstrated experimentally the numerous significant benefits of Lung Conservative Liquid Ventilation in several systemic diseases and organ failures.

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