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LV4C technology

Lung Conservative Liquid Ventilation (LCLV)

Lung Conservative Liquid Ventilation is a proprietary solution developped by Orixha which consists in filling the lungs with temperature controlled breathable liquid (Liquid2Breath) and subsequently using the lungs as heat-exchanger. Thanks to the unique property of high dioxygen and carbon dioxide solubility of those liquids, it can maintain normal gas exchangers throughout the procedure.

This unique technology is based on more than 20 years of academic research finally leading to the creation of Orixha in 2018. Orixha is aiming to industrialize and validate in clinical settings this device in order to make it available for intensive care units and to save patients lives.

Thanks to advanced algorithms, this liquid ventilator LV4C is able to precisely control the volume and pressure of liquid within the lungs. It then allows a very high level of security without any dammages to the pulmonary integrity.

30 min
to cool down a patient at 33°C.

Our last generation prototype is able to ventilate and induce whole body hypothermic state of a human body of 80 kg in less than 30 minutes, with a resultion of 0.1°C. At the end of the procedure, LV4C is automatically draining all residuals liquids from the lungs and allow an optimal recovery under conventional mechanical ventilation.

The LCLV method is described in this article published in EBioMedicine.

Liquid Ventilation For Cooling (LV4C)

Orixha has over 20 years of academic research and a strong proof of concept obtained in the laboratories of the Sherbrooke University and the french National Institut for Health (Inserm). This work led to 7 generations of prototypes, 4 patents and more than 50 peer-reviewed articles in prestigious international medical reviews.

LV4C will be a grade IIb medical device for ultra-rapid induction of hypothermia in hospital. It consists in 3 differents components with specific functions.

Liquid Ventilator

The core of LV4C is the liquid ventilator by itself. It includes the motor, the different sensors systems for real-time monioring of the volume and pressure inside the lungs.

Patient kit

The patient kit includes all the tubing system as well as the tank containing the breathable liquid. It is a single-use sterile kit which plugs directly into the liquid ventilator. In order to avoid any risk of contamination, the patient kit needs to be changed between each patient.

Breathable liquid

This unique liquid has the ability to dissolve very important amount of dioxygen and carbon dioxide. It can control the body temperature while mainaining normal gas exchanges during the procedure. It is provided in sterile bags.