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About Orixha

Orixha’s Mission

Orixha’s mission statement is

« To save the lives of critical care patients through our unique liquid ventilation technology ».

This shared objective was the key impetus behind the creation of Orixha by its seven co-founders: A. Berdeaux MD PharmD, M. Kohlhauer DVM PhD, P. Micheau Eng PhD, M. Nadeau Eng PhD, F. Paublant MBA, R. Tissier DVM PhD, H. Walti, MD PhD,

This commitment was renewed in 2022 when the Orixha’s raison d’être (mission statement) was approved by all the shareholders and included in its corporate charters.

Since its foundation in 2018, several milestones and significant events occurred towards the realization of this shared goal.


Creation of the company


Worldwide license on TLV from Erganeo. i-Lab winner


Prototype LV4C validated. i-Nov winner


Seed round closing

Governance established


Vent2Cool Design Freeze

Laureate EIC Accelerator


Vent2Cool validated for clinical study

OverCool study filing

The name “Orixha” is a symbol of this fruitful teamwork between Canadian and French researchers as well as their dedication to a faster and more efficient hypothermia solution as it means “cold breath” and is associated with the northern wind for the Huron people.


Management Team

R. Tissier, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

F. Paublant, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

M. Nadeau, Eng. PhD

Chief Technology Officer

S. Perrotto, PhD

Regulatory & Product R&D

M. Libardi, Eng.

Quality & Technology R&D

L. Vauthier

Administrative and Communication

Senior Advisors

P. Micheau, Eng. PhD

IP & Technology

Dr G. Nichol, MD, PhD

US Regulatory and Clinical

M. Kohlhauer, PhD


Scientific Committee

Pr A. Cariou

Dr F. Taccone

Pr JD Ricard

Pr E. Vicaut

Dr L. Lamhaut


Our Industrial Partners

Our Financial Partners